Helsinki in one minute in Chinese


weekend #13 photo


tulip and shadows by BLOGitse


Shadow Shot Sunday2




Life In Pictures


Sundays In My City




 Have a relaxing weekend!




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34 thoughts on “Helsinki in one minute in Chinese”

  1. Heiippa,

    Cool to know you will explore Berlin. Just to inform you, if you want to go up in the Coppola of the Parliament you have to book that 3 days b4 you visit the Parliament. We missed it as we didn’t know and the travel book didn’t informed there.

    Hope you have a great time and a blessed Sunday to all.


  2. I do adore tulips. Canadians always have special affection for anything that means winter is over, and bright yellow is the best spring color of all. Wonderful photo!

  3. That is a wonderful video – I had always imagined that Helsinki was beautiful, the pictures prove it (no, I cannot read any Chinese :). THe yellow flower will be in full bloom shortly. I assume that your city os warming up for Spring!

  4. What a gorgeous photo of that tulip – it’s a great macro.
    Helsinki is a very nice city indeed! It definitely goes onto my list of places I want to visit. I just wish I had 3 months holidays per year and a lot of money! 🙂
    Have a great weekend! I hope it’s not to dreary over there, here it begins to look that way…

    • Helsinki is a beautiful summer city! Prices are higher than in central Europe but we have a LOT of clean, beautiful nature!
      It’s not too warm here now but we have LIGHT! At 7 pm and it’s still light – I love it!!!


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