trees and frozen water drops


weekend #20 photos


The other day it was warm and sunny, so I took my bike and camera

and cycled a couple of minutes to the seashore.


good, old trunk by BLOGitse



trunk, detail by BLOGitse



trunk on a cliff by BLOGitse



trunk details by BLOGitse



cigar bar boeing 747 by BLOGitse

 Frozen water drops or a cigar bar boeing 747? 🙂


cherry tree at Torpanranta by BLOGitse

A cherry tree in the front of  Torpanranta cafe.


Do you like surprises?


turn the volume up

and play.

What a drama!





Shadow Shot Sunday2


Sundays In My City


Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!



26 thoughts on “trees and frozen water drops”

  1. Very old is that tree…a lot of years in his texture! Beautiful photos!
    Splendid cherry flowers! I love spring flower 🙂
    Excuse me for delayed visit 🙂

  2. Sign for an aged ruins. Great captured and though old however, still invite us for a perfect SSS…

    Happy SSS to you, my friend. Hope you been to the World Champion HOckey games §;-)


  3. Very pretty macro shots with your first shots.
    And let me tell you I usually never watch those little video clips people are always telling to watch. Too much of a time waster.
    But this one had me laughing good and hard.
    I like your very varied and expectant post!

  4. The trip to the shore is wonderful – when I see a log with that many rings, the tree has seen it all each year of its being. The wood has a fine grain, the ring pattern has many shadows falling alongside the pattern. The tree may look dead yet it tells history very well…thus it lives in spirit…

  5. I can’t imagine being a few minutes cycle from the shore. I’m a good day’s drive from it in a car!

    I really like those first few shots. Lovely!

  6. Hahaha, kaikkien rauhallisten puukuvien jälkeen katsoin draamavideon. Sitten kuvittelin saman tänne.. noin tyynesti ei varmaan kukaan olisi katsonut draamaa loppuun asti vaikkei se kauaa kestänytkään 😀

    • Minuun tuo draama iski kuin halko. Todella hyvin tehty pätkä!
      Sen lumo hieman tasaantuu toisella katsomalla mutta hyvä edelleen, mainokseksi 🙂

  7. Hi, sorry I did not get back to you earlier. Thank you for your lovely invitation in Finnish. If I was on my own I would have taken you up on your offer immediately but I am not.

    Next time I am in your country maybe.

    Have a good week. I will think about you on the 28th. 🙂

  8. First : a lot of years in that three 😀
    Second: For sure is 747 😀
    Third: lovely cherry blossom 😀
    And last : be careful if you push the drama button:D

    Have a great weekend 😀

  9. Puitten rungoista saakin hienoja makroja! Ihana tuo kukkiva kirsikkapuu! Meillä kirsikat ovat juuri kypsyneet,ja tulivat toreille tällä viikolla,nami! Mukavaa viikonloppua!


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