Peter Dahl’s paintings


weekend #23 photos


“Peter Dahl considered his life as artist,

with all the conflicts and sensations that his paintings have

sometimes aroused.

This happened over a dinner in Mora in April 2011.

Peter Dahl turned to me and said with a weak smile,

“All I ever wanted to do was just to paint.”

(Johan Cederlund, director of the Zorn Museum).


Peter Dahl in Gallen-Kallela museum by BLOGitse

Proud Town and Other Tales – Peter Dahl at Tarvaspää
The Gallen-Kallela Museum
28 March – 27 May 2012


I’ll post pics from that museum next weekend.


Peter Dahl Solitary Guest  by BLOGitse

Solitary Guest


Peter Dahl Cold outside the Tavern by BLOGitse

Cold outside the Tavern


Peter Dahl My Grandmother’s House by BLOGitse

My Grandmother’s House


Peter Dahl Last night with Fellows by BLOGitse

Last night with Fellows


Peter Dahl -Who is the King of the Tavern- by BLOGitse

Who is the King of the Tavern?


Peter Dahl Who is the King of the Tavern detail by BLOGitse

Who is the King of the Tavern? detail


Peter Dahl 'Dance in the Blue' by BLOGitse

Dance in the Blue


Peter Dahl 'In Fine Company' by BLOGitse

In Fine Company


What do you think about that golden skirt? 🙂


Peter Dahl Paris Bribed by BLOGitse

Paris Bribed




Last and least is my drawing.

I’ve been studying life drawing this week.

This is not ready but wanted show you.


BLOGitse taking a life drawing course


What have you studied lately?




Shadow Shot Sunday2

did you notice all the shadows from the paintings? 🙂



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



29 thoughts on “Peter Dahl’s paintings”

  1. Really enjoyed the paintings and your drawing! The paintins are so colorfull! May be your’s will turn full of color as well 🙂

    I’ve been resting my brain this week. No studies. May be tomorro…. 😉

  2. I have not been studying. That’s part of the problem. I have some legal matters and financial planning matters that need my attention, but first I need to do a bit of research on those topics.

  3. great paintings and shadows. nice job on the drawing!!! i studied the lesson of patience!! study that way to much sometimes…have a great week!!!!

  4. Heippa,
    Nothing much for my part. I just been digging myself on my job. Lots of problems to solve. FInnish clients are complicated to deal with §;-) not french nor Swiss either. Giving me a headache… LOL

    Peter Dahl is so famous, of course…

    Happy Sunday, Helsinki and enjoy the rest of the day.

  5. As soon as I saw the red headed king of the tavern figure, I thought of the self-portrait image of Van Gogh! Such a similar “look”! Another rebel painting to his own music! Lovely series of photos!

  6. I especially love “My Grandmother’s House”. It has such a nice feeling to it.

    Very evocative paintings, some of them are-as in, I wonder what the story is behind this? Kind of thing.

    Love your life study-I think the human body is the hardest thing to draw.

    What have I studied this week? The relationship between public art and economic development.

  7. The artist leaves each view by giving us his idea of the scene while leaving the details a bit confusing to allow us to further interpret the view. Cool it is, the King of the tavern is in charge, or is it the lady instead? I enjoy trying to interpret the complex mind of the artist 🙂

  8. Ensimmäistä kertaa kuulen tästä taiteilijasta. Isoäidin talo on hyvä!Ja sinun piirroksesi samoin.En ole koskaan opiskellut piirtämistä tai maalausta,mutta olisi kiva opetella.Kadehdin kälyäni,joka opiskelee kuvataideakatemiassa,joa oppii kaiken tekniikoista….


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