greetings from Spain! part 2.


weekend #26 photos



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Now I take you to Cadiz.

I show a couple of pictures,

but history etc. Wikipedia tells better than me!


Cadiz Spain by BLOGitse



Welcome to Cadiz! by BLOGitse



Cadiz city center by BLOGitse



Cadiz city center by_ BLOGitse



Cadiz, Spain by BLOGitse



historico Cadiz by BLOGitse


This kind of streets, houses are my favorites wherever I find them…



Unfortunately you can see this kind of Spain too…


Is this EU style to handle garbage by BLOGitse


so sad BUT it’s MUCH cleaner than ten, fifteen years ago!


And main roads are in really good condition!!!



Opposite of garbage you can see beautiful beaches with surprises…


Zahora_Spain by BLOGitse


Zahora beach



Zahora, Spain by BLOGitse



We’ve seen and experienced a LOT.

I’ve taken about 800 pics so far – this is not the end of this series! 🙂

I’m going to be busy this weekend

but promise to visit your blogs when back at home next week!



Have a relaxing weekend!




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Life In Pictures



Sundays In My City




33 thoughts on “greetings from Spain! part 2.”

  1. i so look forward to you taking us along with you…i agree with you on the street photo…i am a fan…and the beach with the horses…breath taking. enjoy!! see you when you get back!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the tour!!! I’ve never been to Spain, nor am I ever likely to go but you took me today without me ever having to leave my home.

  3. These are gorgeous, love the architecture, and your shots on the beach, just fabulous, and yes I think garbage is a part of any city now a days, sad, but a fact of life. looks Like You are having a fabulous time.

  4. Beautiful pictures….I love Spain…only been to Barcelona but it was enough to make me want to go back again and see more. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. I wonder if the rubbish situation is an indication of the fragile state of the local government finances…. but like all major cities there is the pretty face but it often hides a darker picture behind it. Great images


  6. Love all those building styles! Fascinating street scenes! And, of course, I love the beach scenes! Riders here can only go to selected beaches on my peninsula and only in the very early morning hours!

  7. Sorry about the link issues, but these pictures. The motorway looks modern, but the architecture is an amazing blend of arabian, African and European – such a difference and oh so cool!

    Greetings from Malaga, Spain where we’re till Monday morning….
    I can not connect to so those bloggers whose options to leave a comment is either google or myopenid – you have to wait until I get connected again.

    Our holiday has been super good and I could stay here.
    I don’t want to go back to Finland. snif. Spanish life style is made for me!

    Happy weekend to all of you!

  9. Paennut aurinkoon? Minä paistun vielä täällä yhdessä Maghreb-maassa, toivon mukaan kohta jäähtymässä Suomen kamaralla. Oikein mukavaa kesää sinulle!

    • Kiitos! Suomessa on ollut kai aika viileää ja sateista mutta me aiotaan ottaa aurinko mukaamme ja tuoda sinne kesä!
      Mukavaa lomailua kun tulet!


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