Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain


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We’re back home in Helsinki but still a lot of pics from Spain to come….


Welcome to Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain by BLOGitse
Welcome to Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain by BLOGitse


Mijas Pueblo, a traditional Andalucian “white village”,

428 meters (1404.199 ‘) above sea level


view from a hotel room in Mijas, Spain by BLOGitse
view from a hotel room


Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain by BLOGitse

Up, up you go to have dinner….easier to go back after dinner 🙂


La Alcazaba restaurant, Mijas Pueblo, Spain by BLOGitse
La Alcazaba restaurant


blue horizon by BLOGitse
blue horizon


morning in Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain by BLOGitse
morning in Mijas Pueblo


Have a relaxing weekend!



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23 thoughts on “Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain”

  1. The views in that little town are so captivating! The walk to dinner alone is just beautiful. Looks like a truly wonderful vacation, I know Spain is a favorite for one friend of mine.

  2. Hi there! I just stopped in to see how your summer was going. And I wasn’t disappointed. Spain, how awesome. The views are mind-blowing! I bet the food is pretty darn good too. Enjoy!

  3. I love the 2nd to last shot…. the blue is so beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing blue like that when we go to Greece later this month.


  4. How wonderful the restaurant is – the view is the appetizer, the perfect thing to get our appetites moving along! What a spectacular place, the blue sky, blue water and fog surrounding the hills make for a place of artistry…

    • Aika mieletön paikka autolla ajaessa. Kapeat kadut, jyrkät nousut ja laskut oli minulle melkein liikaa… 🙂


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