kitchen helicopter and summer skies…



weekend #32 photos



kitchen helicopter by BLOGitse


kitchen helicopter



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City


Porvoo sky 6.7.12 by BLOGitse



what a cloud by BLOGitse



we're at home flag by BLOGitse



summer sky 13.7.12 by BLOGitse



summer evening sky 14.7.12 by BLOGitse



late evening sky by BLOGitse


All sky pictures shot in Finland…



Have a relaxing weekend!



16 thoughts on “kitchen helicopter and summer skies…”

  1. The sunset with the seagull is just gorgeous. Love all the shots – the beater looks like something from an old bar set from my grandparents. Wonderful shot whatever it is.

  2. Finland is obviously a beautiful place. I hope I am fortunate enough to see it in person one day.

    Happy Sunday!

    P.S. What a unique wayto look at the kitchen utensil, Very cool!

  3. The aircraft flies overhead, your kitchen is safe from other flying enemies, like moths…the sea and sky are lovely, the shade and shadow adding a lovely effect to each view. Finland is a beautiful country!

  4. love the kitchen helicopter shot…and the skies are peaceful and beautiful. weekend of editing and photo shoots…darn, hate that when that happens!!! happy weekend!!!

    • Kiitos! Myös me pyörittiin kahteen kertaan… 🙂 Useammankin kerran voisi käydä. Taidetehdas oli mielenkiintoinen käynti…


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