the morning…and after


week #42 photos


¡Hola a todos!


Let’s sing!

All together now:



oooh, that was fun, right? 🙂


La Malagueta Beach (Málaga, España) by BLOGitse


La Malaqueta beach can be this beautiful in the morning…






like ‘morning after’



'next morning' at Malagueta Beach (Málaga, España) by BLOGitse



Piss everywhere…at the weekends city center is like a huge toilet,

really disgusting!



Every morning, very early, city employees are cleaning the streets and plazas.

That is GOOD!



Plaza del General Torrijos Málaga, España by BLOGitse


This is water! 🙂



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!



20 thoughts on “the morning…and after”

  1. I am a total sucker for sunrises and sunsets – and yours are gorgeous as always – Thank you! ah, the piss – here it is from wild animals that come up onto the porch and “mark” your front door and potted plants (thus killing them). I do still love the mountains (having only been here for 5 years) but may have to take out stock in those orange oil animal repellents (so I feel your pain about the aroma).

  2. well i prefer the beauty of the sun and its color in the sky…lovely pics…but its the grit i think often lets us appreciate it….just envisioning the headache and how much the beauty would hurt to look at after a few of those bottles…ack

  3. The sunrise is truly gorgeous.

    The remains of the night before? Not so much.

    Is this is Spain near Malaga?

    I’ve never been to Spain, but spent a couple of days in Rome and couldn’t get over the public urination AND the odor thereof.

  4. It is such a shame that people use our beautiful places for bathrooms and trashcans. Your pictures are wonderful and definitely tell a story of our times. A beautiful fountain and a gorgeous sunrise. genie

  5. Nothing like empty beer bottles littering the beach in the morning – happily the workers make it nice for the rest of the day! We ignore the glass instead and look out at a beautiful sunrise – the start to a great day!

    • juu noin jotenkin…
      Täällä oli eilen ihan harmaa ja osin sateinen päivä – toivottavasti tänään paistaa. Siihen on jo niin tottunut että
      viileä ja harmaa tuntuu inholta 🙂


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