Don’t think too much…


…you’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.



week #46 photos




makroviikko/macro week challenge #80


teema / theme:


sormi // a finger



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:

macro 'a finger' by BLOGitse

Sormi se on piirrettykin! ja kynsi oikealla lakalla lakattu 🙂





Do you have any idea what this is?

what's this by BLOGitse

‘I’m only responsible for what I say,

not for what you understand.’

That is so easy to forget…


Now some sky drama in Málaga…

a zillion birds flying to Málaga by BLOGitse

if not a zillion, hundreds then 🙂



a plane landing at Málaga airport by BLOGitse

a plane soon landing at Málaga airport



sky drama by BLOGitse

Only one cruise ship…it didn’t rain – but later yes…



sky drama by BLOGitse

I love these magical clouds, shadows and a glimmery sea…



sky drama by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Now the answer to the second picture…


my bottom by BLOGitse



‘What other people think of you is none of your business.’
Paulo Coelho



¡Buen fin de semana a todos!





32 thoughts on “Don’t think too much…”

  1. Kaikennäköistä kivaa! Laka on sinulta lipsahtanut kuten joskus minultakin. Tai aika usein. No, melkein aina. Kiiluva merenselkä on kaunis kuva. Aforismit paikallaan 🙂 Saludos para ti tambien!

  2. Heippa pretty neighbour…

    So much amazing pictures. Love to watch every one of them and my mind plays cool (such amazing thoughts).

    Hope you’re in the best of everything.

    Happy SSS,

  3. I thought it was the underside of a bridge, but it is of a fast ferry boat instead. I would not have considered that at first – in Spanish or English either! The birds and sky add such lovely details to the vast sea…hope your Spanish lessons are making you feel more comfortable in Malaga…

    • Hm…luulen että olen löytänyt jollain tasolla oman ääneni mutta taidot ei aina riitä kertomaan mitä haluaisin…
      siis oppiminen jatkuu tälläkin saralla! 🙂

    • Got you – I thought many will say underside of a bridge 🙂
      I’m quite well, thank you. Just today my head had a few knots but after several hours studying on internet I got them open.
      Can’t remember everything but the rules are clear now 🙂

    • En tiedä mistä tuo idea päähäni pälkähti…Meillä on vihdoin paistanut – tänään taisi olla jopa +24…huomisesta luvassa sadekuuroja….

    • Väri luo iloa! Voih, läksyjä teen niin että pää halkeaa kohta mutta tykkään silti tosi paljon, edelleen. Puolivälissä matkaa ollaan…


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