knob on wood…


week #7 photos




makroviikko/macro week challenge #91


teema / theme:


nuppi // a knob



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro 'knob' by BLOGitse


 nuppi, nuppi muttei lipputangon 🙂



knob on wood  with shadows 🙂



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Last weekend we visited our friend’s summerhouse.

There was a lot of snow,

so white and clean…



winterlandia by BLOGitse



Sundays In My City



On Sunday it started to melt drop by drop…


melting snow by BLOGitse



Hope is a waking dream.






36 thoughts on “knob on wood…”

  1. It’s no wonder that when folks emigrated from Norway, Finland, and Sweden to the United States they were drawn to settle in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota – – – we look JUST LIKE THAT here in winter, snow, pines, and all!

  2. The knob is made of wood – we see the grain of the tree that the piece was made from by the woodworker, the light coat of paint not hiding the nice grainy texture…

    We had so much snow last week that we forget the newly fallen snow is beautiful, these big trees look magical with the new snow on the evergreen branches. It has been melting – Still, I think there will be snow on the ground through March. Awaiting spring 🙂

    • Juu aika pian muttei tarpeeksi pian. Kärsivällisyys on koetuksella ja vasen polvi tukisiteessä kun ei kestä lumessa muljahtelua…


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