grey, just grey…


It’s been grey outside for weeks…

but finally today we’ve seen that yellow ball up there.


week #7 photos




makroviikko/macro week challenge #92


teema / theme:


harmaa // grey



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:



grey_1 by BLOGitse

grey_2 by BLOGitse

grey_3 by BLOGitse

grey_4 by BLOGitse


Kotimme harmaasävyisiä verhoja riittää!


Our curtains, hue of grey.



I had my camera ready to shoot first shadows

for a long time!


Sun made me smile! 🙂


February shadows by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2



This video ‘A Year in Helsinki‘ (Timelapse)

is 8 minutes long but if you have time to watch it you can see different faces of Helsinki…


Sundays In My City





42 thoughts on “grey, just grey…”

  1. These pictures are beautiful. I love the way you have captured texture so perfectly! For our monthly creativity project this month the theme is lines and you have just given me some very good ideas. Thank you!

    Hope you have a beautiful week! So nice to see you this morning : ).

    Love, Becky

  2. Hurrah for the return of the sun! I am ready for spring to arrive and stay. That last shot is wonderful. I like the warm colors of the street lights, contrasted with the cool blues of the water. Nice composition.

  3. the texture shots are awesome…so is your shadow shot…and my most favorite spot on the video was around 7:15 with the timeline on the still water-beautiful!! happy weekend…come on sun!!!

  4. That video of Helsinki is fantastic! It seems a beautiful city in all seasons, but my favorites are all the boats: ice breakers, ferries and sailboats all looking as if they are moving at 100 KmH or more. So cool! Happily, you have the sunny orb to warm you up ever so slightly 🙂

    • Oma kamerani on jo vanhaa mallia mutta toimii kuin häkä jos vaan osaan sitä oikein käyttää.
      Nykyisissä versioissa harvassa on hyvä makro ja muut ominaisuudet samassa vehkeessä. Huomasin viimeksi
      kun kameroita vertailin…

  5. Hei that video at the end was great! So windy, windy, windy city! The Silja boat leaving the terminal was quiete scary, the construction cranes were funny as well as the little boats smashing the snow.

  6. Ensimmännä ilmava kaunis kuosi, lämpimälle kesälle sopiva.
    Toisilla kankailla tarkenee talvellakin.
    Epäilen kylläkin, että taitavat olla sisustuskankaita.;))
    Rantu elää sivua rullatessa….
    Tyylikkäät kuvat.


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