shapes and forms



week #9 photos


makroviikko/macro week challenge #93



teema / theme:


ruutu // square



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro #93 'square' by BLOGitse

Yksityiskohta kankaasta joka ostettu joskus jostain maailmalta…

A detail of a fabric…


net on a ball by BLOGitse

Shadow Shot Sunday2

NETshadow on my gym ball…


smoke in the sky by BLOGitse

Black smoke in the sky this morning – a fire in a factory.

 Sundays In My City


lace in the sky by BLOGitse

And lace in the sky this afternoon… 🙂


• • •

The sky is an infinite movie to me.

I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there.

K. D. Lang





30 thoughts on “shapes and forms”

  1. The fabric pattern is very nice with the sapphire diamond pattern on the soft material…the net shadows remind you of why you are at the gym – although it is a soft hint instead of a sharp order. It persuades you…too bad about the fire, I hope none were hurt. But, the icy lace adds more beauty to the sky and we soon forget about the fire…


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