weekend #14 photos


Summer is coming – one day! 🙂


I’m ready – two summer dresses sewn.


How about you –


do you sew clothes or something else?



surrursewing_1 by BLOGitse



surrursewing_2 by BLOGitse


detail of a digiprinted fabric



surrursewing_3 by BLOGitse


the same fabric added with orange bias strip



Now I have two ready made dresses,

still a couple of fabrics waiting for sewing…


Surrurursewing weekend ahead,

how about you?




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




22 thoughts on “surrursewing…”

  1. What luscious colors in your fabrics! I’ll bet you can’t wait to wear those dresses.

    I gave up on sewing clothes for myself, but I still like to do crafty projects like throw pillows and curtains. Dusting off the sewing machine is on my to-do list, now that I’ve retired.

  2. Those fabrics just scream summer!!!

    I don’t sew ANYTHING except to replace the occasional button. I know how to sew, i just can’t STAND doing it!

    Silly me.

  3. I like the detail of the vibrant fabric. I don’t sew. However, a close friend has sewn two dresses for her youngest child in the past few weeks. She also made a miniature dress in matching fabric for the four year old’s Barbie doll. I wished that I had my camera on the day she showed me the completed sets. Enjoy your day!

  4. I can NOT sew! Every kid (boys and girls) had to take 3 years of sewing (and 3 years of wood working) in my middle school and all I really learned was that I can NOT sew! (But, I still have a shelf I made in wood working!). Luckily, my cleaning lady is also a seamstress and she can work magic. I love the orange bias (my favorite color)!

  5. I don’t sew however I am a knitter and crocheter. I love finding funky wool and making sweaters for the grandchildren. The brighter the colours the better.

  6. I had to give it up as I spend more time correcting my mistakes than the actual sewing! But, oh, my! Those fabrics are to die for. Would love to see those dresses in their entirety!
    Alright, Ralph…now I have to try and get that image out of my head of you wearing summer dresses! LOL!

  7. Maybe not dresses but something else? Curtain, table napkins, pillow cases etc etc.

    I can’t wait to see the summer dresses.

    Hugs from Lissabon.
    /CC girl

  8. Well…I haven’t sewn any summer dresses! However, the colors of Spring are shown nicely in your dress making. The warmer days are to arrive soon here – and I hope in Helsinki too!

  9. i will be painting….not your watercolor painting but the kind the involves a roller. the dress material certain speaks of summer…great shots. you are such a talented girl!!

  10. I don’t get along with a sewing machine, I’ve never had, so I find my new spring and summer clothes from second hand shops and flea markets.

    I can sew a button!!

    Lucky you! Your fabrics remind me of rainbows, just beautiful colors.

    • ‘A button’ 🙂 that’s better than nothing!
      I’ve been sewing my whole life…it’s like meditation 🙂 and at the end you see a ready garment!


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