weekend #17 photos



FINALLY most of the snow is gone! 🙂



open sea by BLOGitse



A hungry swan…with a fragile shadow 🙂


hungry swan by BLOGitse



You can see small, yellow spots here and there…


coltsfoot by BLOGitse




I started to Nordic walk again and got ‘repetitive strain injury’

But I walk, every day.

Trying to lose 3.7 kgs (8.1 lbs) till 19th of June.

I calculate calories and try to move at least 2500 calories per week.


my wrist splint by BLOGitse


argh! Daily life is so difficult!


I try to rest my wrist so it would heal quicker….


Typing is hard but I try to use my fingers, the wrist is what I need to keep still.




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!



20 thoughts on “autch!”

  1. Hope your wrist gets well soon.

    Our “spring” progress is about equal with yours, except I haven’t seen a single dandelion yet.

    Incidentally, my SIMC post today was about our spring progress around here too!

  2. I am trying to walk more too. I have lots of weight to lose. It creeps us, doesn’t it? I am glad the snow is finally melting. I cannot imagine living with such a long cold season.

  3. Heippa my friend,

    Usch! not funny when injured but I know you will make it. Just take it easy.

    Regarding with your walk, Thanks God! not your knee is injured. I know you will succeed to loosing weight.

    I just want to tell you. I lost 16kgs. Dancing, running/power walks but most of all I lessen the carb intake. Now, 2-3 kgs more to loose. I will run a 5k Spring Women Fun Run on May 27 and End of Sept. 7 for 10ks (first ever) but I don’t compete to others, I compete for myself. So, we will see if I reach my goal too.

    Absolutely gorgeous shots. YeeY! no more snow and we HAVE a SUNNY day, §:-)

    Hugs from D´Box,
    /CC girl

  4. …easier said than done…never knew how much you used your wrist right? heal quickly…love the swan!!! sun and 70 here today…snow flurries last thursday…good grief!!

  5. The snow is almost gone? That is to long…however, the swimming sun seems to say that Spring is at least in Helsinki! Good diet – not too aggressive calorie reduction will be able to continue as you are not starving yourself – great 🙂

    • Kiitos!
      En ole dietillä vaan pyrin, siis pyrin, pysyvään muutokseen. Olen oppinut jo aika paljon kuinka paljon missäkin on kalorita ja minkälaisia.
      Olo on ollut todella mahtava vaikka kiloja ei ole vielä montaa lähtenytkään – salakavalasti vuosien myötä tulleet ei voi hetkessä lähteä (kun en siis dietoi!)
      Täällä luonto on ‘just heräämässä’ uuteen kukoistukseen…kesään taitaa olla vielä hetki 🙂


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