bye Helsinki, hola Málaga…


On Sunday 12th I’ll fly to Málaga again.


This time I’m trying to learn to speak Spanish –


last time it was mainly grammar…


Here are a couple of shots I took 2.5.2013


I’m sure it’s going to be greener when I come back in June 🙂



nature 2.5.2013 by BLOGitse



birches 2.5.2013 by BLOGitse



waiting for green by BLOGitse



vaio on the wall by BLOGitse


I’ll pack my VAIO and….



Malagueta beach, Malaga, Spain by BLOGitse



on Sunday this view is waiting for me! 🙂


(not this early in the morning though)



Let see if I have time to blog during my four week ‘holiday’ but I’ll try.



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a good weekend everyone!



See you soon!



16 thoughts on “bye Helsinki, hola Málaga…”

  1. Nythän täällä on jo iso lehti koivuissa, vihreää kuin kesällä.
    Malaga kuvasi tunnelma houkuttaa, kaunista.:)

    Mukavaa alkanutta kesää Sinulle, missä päin maailmaa nyt oletkin.

  2. Enjoy Spain! I speak Spanish but, quite frankly, I am not very good at speaking. However, most people tell me I can communicate enough to be understood. Best of luck with the speaking part of your journey with the language.

  3. The leaves are starting to bud now – so big leafy shade is not that far away 🙂

    Although I do wonder: why not Malaga in the winter and Finland in the summer? You’d have the best of both worlds, at least in weather. But snowy Helsinki is quite a beautiful place. Happy travels!

    • Thank you, thank you!
      Last couple of days have been really stressful – this and that had to be done but now most of the responsibilities are done.
      Until next time – from Spain!


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