Málaga blue


weekend #24/2013 photos



Hi everyone!


I’m back in Helsinki, Finland but photos are still from Málaga!

The renovation is almost done

but a LOT of cleaning and organizing still to do…

for weeks! sigh!


On Sunday my son with his family arrive from Australia for a couple of

weeks holiday, can’t wait!



How are you? busy, busy, busy or sunbathing?





BLOGitse in Malaga, Spain_1



BLOGitse in Malaga, Spain_2



BLOGitse in Malaga, Spain_3

 let’s go to the other side of the hill…


BLOGitse in Malaga, Spain_4

 ooh, what a tunnel shadow 🙂


BLOGitse in Malaga, Spain_5

 a cloudy day but not rainy


BLOGitse in Malaga, Spain_6

 Plaza de la Merced – right hand side where the blue tree is…

That’s where Picasso is sitting and tourists take photos with him 🙂




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!




23 thoughts on “Málaga blue”

  1. Welcome home… I bet you are looking forward to seeing your son. Love the ‘cloudy day’ shot here, really beautiful view and sky


  2. Málaga looks so beautiful from up the hill – the mix of nature and modernity is lovely – the pastel colors on the buildings are beautiful. Although if Picasso were to paint these scenes, they would look a bit more abstract I’d guess…

  3. What a lovely day. The surroundings is beyond what I have this moment in a cold Sweden.

    ENjoy the best of it, my friend.

    Happy SSS…
    /CC girl

    • Pls change your comment settings – I can’t leave comments on your blog! Google account choice is not enough, I want to use other accounts.

    • ja piirrät jos ei ymmärrys löydy! Mukavaa reissua! Minä siivoilen ja järjestelen rempan jälkeisiä…vielä piiiiitkään!

    • No moi!
      Kiitos kysymästä, pärjään kaupoissa, taxissa ja osaan jopa vitsailla mutta kielioppi tuottaa ongelmia edelleen. Verbien taivutukset pitäisi opiskella oikein kunnolla….
      mutta muuten oli ihan mukavaa, sää, ruoka ja viini ja kävelin paljon…


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