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In my infinite curiosity, the other day I stumbled upon the website of a Finnish woman who lives in Madrid, Spain.


She has recently started her own business as an exclusive Wedding & Event Planner.
I contacted her to learn more.


reflections by BLOGitse



She told me she plans and organizes weddings and other social events like birthdays,

anniversaries, romantic celebrations for two, theme parties, etc.
Her clients are both Spanish and multinational,
and both living in Spain and abroad,
but who want to get married or
have other celebrations in Spain.


And if you pay enough :), she also travels wherever in the world
to organize that special event for you…


by BLOGitse



To find out more, check her website

 BodasConCorazon and

Facebook page

Facebook page BodasConCorazon

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And if you need her services,
mention that you found her here on my blog
and she will give you something extra
to make your event even more special…



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