let’s go to Tallinn, Estonia!



my summer 2013 images part 6.


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Let’s take a speed ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn.

It will take only 1 hour 40 mins.



bye Helsinki by BLOGitse



Now we’re in Tallinn


in Tallinn by BLOGitse



First I take you to a palace!

A tour with shadows 🙂


Kadriorg Palace Tallinn Estonia by BLOGitse



Kadriorg Palace – Kadriorg Art Museum



poster of Repin's exhibition by BLOGitse



painting of Repin by BLOGitse



info Repin by BLOGitse



Repin's Finnish friends by BLOGitse



who is who painting of Repin by BLOGitse

 One of Repin’s friends Akseli Gallen-Kallella.

Here’s my posting of his museum here in Helsinki.



detail of Repin's painting by BLOGitse



hand by Repin by BLOGitse


 Hand is very difficult to draw, this is quite good 🙂



info of drawing hand by Repin




I don’t know why but I really liked this painting ‘Port of Tallinn’ by Alexey Bogolyubov


Port of Tallinn by Alexey Bogolyubov by BLOGitse



detail of Port of Tallinn by Alexey Bogolyubov by BLOGitse

 detail of Port of Tallinn by Alexey Bogolyubov


sign by BLOGitse




Next time we’ll explore in the city of Tallinn.




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!






19 thoughts on “let’s go to Tallinn, Estonia!”

  1. An absolutely fine tour in the city of Estonia. So beautiful city during summer.

    We Scandinavians love to take those ferries. From Stockholm took longer that you have in Helsinki.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    /CC girl

  2. What an impressive city – its heritage is extensive, and happily the USSR is no more. A palace and a museum so often make a city come alive as its life now has evolved from these earlier times. These Finnish artists are amazing as they are alive on canvas…the hand is beautiful, so lifelike as the artists hands alone carefully crated the ultimate tool of the artist. It is a work of art. You have had an amazing holiday, we look forward to more of your travels!

  3. Munkin piti nyt kesällä mennä Tallinnaan mutten sitten mennytkään…
    Kadriorgin kartano on tosi upea ja onpa siellä hieno näyttely!Hyvää viikonloppua!

    • Mesta oli rempassa, siitä tulee varmaan tosi upea kun se valmistuu.
      Aika hienoja töitä siellä oli näytillä – ja paljon turisteja!


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