autumn leaves, 3.


weekend photos

Previous autumn leaves posts > 1. here and 2. here

This is the last one of this series.


Next week I’ll fly to Málaga, Spain for a long vacation.

I want to learn more Spanish and

enjoy warmer weather and brighter days than here in Helsinki where I’ll return in January.


I hope my photos will be more summery!



autumn leaves by BLOGitse



1 autun leaves by BLOGitse



2 autumn leaves by BLOGitse



3 autumn leaves by BLOGitse



4 autumn leaves by BLOGitse



5 autumn leaves by BLOGitse



6 autumn leaves by BLOGitse


Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!



19 thoughts on “autumn leaves, 3.”

  1. Your fall leaves are so beautiful! Where I live in Florida, we don’t have very much changes in foliage. Maybe that’s the trade off for having warm weather most of the year.

  2. In Finland, it seems that the gold in not just in the ground – it also grows in trees! How nice that you can be in Helsinki for the cool summers and Malaga in the warm(er) winter. Best of both worlds, but keep studying your Spanish 🙂

  3. the leaves are on fire against the beautiful sky. i am glad you are headed toward summery weather. grey and dreary is on the docket in my space. looking forward to what you see with your lens!!!

  4. Voi kun on kauniita nuo lehtikuvasi!! (Täällä pitääkin olla oikein intelligentti ja osata laskea viikonpäivät ennenkuin pääsee kommentoimaan :D)

    • Onneksi on valokuvia koska nyt noita ei enää ole kuin maassa, röykkiöittäin.
      Sain spämmihyökkäyksiä ja ainoa konsti estää robotit on ihan ihmisaivomanuaaliselta pohjalta kirjoitettu vastaus lyhyeen kysymykseen 🙂


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