11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 4.


week 4 in Málaga, Spain



Finally, finally!!! the cold is over! I had it for 20 long days…

Now it’s time to get in shape again, walking, walking and more walking.

But when I feel lazy, just to relax, I take ‘un cafe solo’ (espresso) y ‘Pacharan con hielo’

in the port of Málaga….


Join me!


coffee Pacharan and sun Malaga Spain by BLOGitse


Here you can get a special coffee with shadows! 🙂


On my way ‘back home’ I took this picture…

Alcazaba is up there by BLOGitse


You almost see Alcazaba of Málaga up there…


Read about it and other ‘things to do’ in Málaga





lonely planet



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Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!



16 thoughts on “11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 4.”

  1. Hi! In the USA, the term furnace is used all the time, and is the central heating item in the house, in our case it sits in the attic and uses natural gas to fire hot air through ceiling vents to our home.

    Yet in the US, often the terms boiler and furnace are often confused by people that interchange each term, And of course, over here are industrial furnaces used. Indeed, the word changes depending on the person…language can be full of surprises 🙂

  2. Nature’s warmth is a magical healer. No idea what you mean by the comment “You almost see Alcazaba of Málaga up there”, but love the upward perspective of the tall greens. Delightful collection of photos.

  3. It looks as if the warmth has allowed your cold to cease – celebrations with an espresso and shadows is a perfect way to cheer the return of your health! Sipping while watching the world pass by can be so relaxing 🙂

    • Viime vuonna tähän aikaan satoi ja oli tosi kylmä – nyt keli on sopiva kun aurinko paistaa. Eilen oli tosi kylmä kun oli kova tuuli ja täysin pilvessä. Siis aurinko.
      Tämän viikon opiskelut takana – oikein hyvä viikko! Taitaa munkin päähän jotain jäädä… 🙂


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