11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 5.



week 5 in Málaga, Spain



Nelson Mandela





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Second week I try(ed) to learn more Spanish, to speak.

This week I took only private lessons

and I’m very happy.

Next time here I will continue to take private lessons.

I learn more quickly and the teacher is the whole time only for me and

my problems, questions, no time wasted.

Let’s have a look how sunny it was in Málaga on the first of December 2013.


Sunday walk in Malaga by BLOGitse

I like to walk to the beach or harbor through this park….



sunny Malaga 1.12.13 by B

sunny Malaga 1.12.13 by BLOGitse (2)



Sunday walk in Malaga by BLOGitse (2)



sunny Malaga beach 1.12.13 by BLOGitse

The 1st of December was a sunny, beautiful and warm day…

a perfect day!




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!



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  1. Oh, so many beautiful shadows and so much wonderful sunshine! It’s great that you are learning the language, it makes traveling so much more fun!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!!


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