back at home…


Hola a todos!


I had a good, long break and now ready to rock again!

Oh, it’s a new year, 2014, happy this year everyone!


How are you???

I’m fine.

Had my right eye operated a couple of days ago (astigmatism).

I’m so happy I don’t need glasses anymore and I will see even better when

that eye is totally healed.


Here are a few ‘bye, bye old year – hello new year’ shots from Málaga.

Plaza de la Constitucion was fully packed!


still old year 2013 in Malaga city by BLOGitse



muelleuno Malaga 31.12.2013 by BLOGitse


The last day of the year 2013 was quiet and sunny…


Greetings to all my SSS friends!


Shadow Shot Sunday2



it's new year 2014 in Malaga city by BLOGitse


There were at least a zillion people at Plaza de la Constitucion


and a few bottles of cava…. 🙂



Here in Helsinki…it’s so quiet, clean and COLD! but it’s been sunny!


Helsinki 13.1.2014 by BLOGitse


and not much snow, jeee!



Greetings to all my SIMC friends!


Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!



ps. ps. Do you know new weekly photo challenges? If yes, leave a link, thanks!





16 thoughts on “back at home…”

  1. Yes, Helsinki looks cold! But that photo after the first collage is so beautiful!

    BLOGitse, wishing you a speedy recovery! I have severe astigmatism but don’t have the guts to go for surgery.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Helsinki looks lovely in winter – but quite cold. Malaga looks warmer (if not all that warm). After enough Cava bottles, it shouldn’t feel cold at all…Happy New Year and I am happy that your eyesight is better too!

    • Oi kiitos!
      Varsinainen operaatiohan oli viime vuonna, nyt korjattiin vain taittovirhe laseroinnilla. On se ihmeellistä mitä nykytekniikalla voi tehdä – esim. elämän silmälasittomaksi! 🙂


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