no colors


weekend #7 photos



Next week I’ll post from Málaga, Spain again!

This will be my last trip over there before next autumn…

spring/summer is perfect time to be in Finland!


ice and water (1) by BLOGtse



ice and water (2) by BLOGitse



ice and water (3) by BLOGitse



ice and water (4) by BLOGitse



Shadows and reflections on the dark water….brrrrr…..



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!



17 thoughts on “no colors”

  1. Ice crystals are nature’s sculptures with so many cool 🙂 details that throw the light around to make subtle shadows. Nicely captured. But is is Spring in Helsinki yet??

  2. Enjoy the sun! Harmaa onkin hyvä jättää taakseen, hetkeksi. Kohta se kirkastuu!

    ps. nyt on muuten vaikea tuo antispam sana… saas nähdä saanko tämän läpi ;D


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