i was on a drip



4 days in a hospital, I got out today.

I had diverticulitis, not really dangerous but

enough to keep me in a hospital.

Today I feel fine!


on a drip by BLOGitse


The Weekend in Black&White



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




I’ll have more photos next week.

Now I have too much other things to do 🙂


Have a relaxing weekend!



24 thoughts on “i was on a drip”

  1. Ah, you must get better soon – we need a dose of warm Málaga as winter still hangs on, and a healthy Blogitse knows just the pictures to take to warm us up 🙂

  2. Voihan divertikkeli! Ei mukavaa, kokemusta on, vaikka noin pahaksi ei ole mennyt, että olisin joutunut sairaalaan niin kuin sinä.
    Toivottavasti kuntoudut nopeasti!


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