green and sky flames



Oh, spring! you’re the best season!

In these shots you can see it’s not summer yet in Helsinki!



greener by BLOGitse


It’s going to be REALLY warm or hot next week!


But not this hot…


red sky by BLOGitse


looks like the sky is burning…



sky in flames by BLOGitse


but it was just about sunset a couple of days ago..around 9 pm.



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!




next weekend I’ll be in Paris, so see you one week after again!



16 thoughts on “green and sky flames”

  1. Spting is Spring everywhere, including Helsinki! We all await the season all winter long (which was snowier than usual around here – and always much colder in Finland :), so we are happy as the leaves are budding. Nice sunset, it is nicely ablaze. I like warmer weather – I guess you do too!

  2. Tämä kevät on ollut hyvä, riittävän pitkä ja monivaiheinen, viivyttelevä ja hitaasti kypsynyt.
    Viime vuonna ei ollut kevättä laisinkaan, kesä yllätti kertaheitolla ja kaikki räjähti kukkaan samaan aikaan.

    Upea taivas, niin sinisenä kuin tulisena.


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