green, green, green



Where ever you walk you can see green, deep green leaves, plants….

It’s been cool, rainy and grey but finally this weekend it will get warmer and sunny! 🙂



green green green by BLOGitse

I love trees, old trees,branches….



strawberry flowers by BLOGitse

strawberry flowers (wild)



green leaves with rain drops by BLOGitse

rain drops look like diamonds



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!


15 thoughts on “green, green, green”

  1. Yes… and the world is dancing in sunshine.

    To much easier life. People talk although you don’t know them.

    Happy sunny day, my neighbour.


  2. It has to be summer in Helsinki someday – right??? And now it is! Enjoy you brief warm spell while you have it! I like the leafy diamonds that have fallen from the sky, I could endure a rain shower of those gems 🙂


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