water and water cont.


The other day we had a short but very hard rain…


hard rain by BLOGitse



These are July memories from Kuhmo.


This part of the white-water, Akonkoski, was calm but I liked the sound of it….


Akonkoski Kuhmo Finland by BLOGitse



I’ve been painting, trying to learn more – not easy but

very meditative…

I didn’t try to copy the photo, rather get inspiration….


photo as an inspiration for a painting by BLOGitse




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!



ps. next weekend I’ll have a blogging break –

I’ll back at the end of the month…



16 thoughts on “water and water cont.”

  1. The wavy and rushing water not only sounds refreshing, it is full of wavy shadows too 🙂 It is good that you didn’t replicate the bridge as is – your view is nice, soft and artistic!

  2. Great pictures, I hear the water…
    The watercolor is well implemented (in the past I’ve painted too, but it was a long time before).
    Have a sunny sunday 🙂

    • Hyvä vaan että kuuntelemme mikä tuntuu hyvältä…minulla on ollut ‘pakottava tarve’, olen ollut melkein maaninen – teen montaa maalausta aina yhtaikaa ja levittäydyn ympäri kämppää! Juuri nyt on ihmettelyn aika ja sain siivottua sotkuni – pian voin aloittaa taas riehumisen! 🙂


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