art, art and ‘art’


 Helsinki Festival 2014 has been full of happenings.

We visited a temporary hotel room.

Havis Amanda fountain has been hidden inside this room.

People were taking lots of selfies –  here too…


Hotel Manta Helsinki by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi by BLOGitse

 Designed byJapanese artist Tatzu Nishi


bad bad boy (peeing) in Helsinki by Tommi Toija by BLOGitse

Bad Bad Boy by artist Tommi Toija,

More than 8 meters high concrete sculpture in Helsinki’s Kauppatori market.

Down left you can see a guy standing between ‘his’ legs 🙂



I’ll participate new challenge Paint Party Friday.

I wanted to paint this banana, just it, no shadows, no background coloring….

banana watercolor, marker pen by BLOGitse





Shadow Shot Sunday2

(sorry about this post – no shadows!)



Sundays In My City




Have a relaxing weekend!



20 thoughts on “art, art and ‘art’”

  1. Oh, I’ll have some bananas, thanks!

    Saw that temporary hotel around Havis Amanda and that Bad Boy a couple of days ago. He is huge! Didn’t want tyo pay the entrance fee inside the hotel room, just peeped outside.


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