#1 face September 2014



29 faces






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(link: https://blogitse.com/29faces-september-2014/)



my #1 FACE


#1 face September 2014 by BLOGitse


 watercolor, black marker pen



SusuPetal asked me to join this challenge. Good, because I

want to learn more, keep up draxing/painting which I started again this summer after too long break…





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Dear Blogger blogger!


If you don’t have already name/URL commenting option,

could you please change it.
Because if somebody clicks my name it takes her/him to my Blogger’s profile page where I’m NOT
active anymore because I have self-hosted WordPress site.
It’s trouble for visitors and for me to add correct site address in every comment I leave.
Thank you!



8 thoughts on “#1 face September 2014”

  1. Fun! One question though…..how did you get the photo of me looking in my bathroom mirror in the morning, wondering how I’m going to tame those curls of mine??? 😉


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