knock on wood




#15 faces29 Sep 2014 by BLOGitse


this is my #15 of 29faces


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Shadow Shot Sunday2


shadows and reflections by BLOGittse


shadows and reflections



Sundays In My City



old shed by BLOGitse


old shed full of wood, firewood…



Have a relaxing weekend!



23 thoughts on “knock on wood”

  1. I loved all of these photos! The old shed, posted for Sundays in my City, brought back some memories of a few different periods in my life when I had to stack wood. It’s quite a bit of work, but it sure does bring a lot of satisfaction to see a pile so neatly stacked and ready to carry you through the cold weather.

  2. Loved your photos! That face reminded me of a series I did a few years ago. I am tempted to look for them 🙂 The stack of papers must be somewhere in my crafts cupboard!

    Wood is such a great subject to photograph! So many textures!

    🙂 Happy Sunday!

  3. Your faces are so cool – I see a range of emotions, but many with impish smiles that are disarming. I like #7, a most pleasant (and colorful lady!)

    That is a lot of wood – soon to be winter in Finland, I am afraid…

  4. I just couldn’t contemplate the face challenge but I’m certainly in awe of anyone who has entered ;D
    We have a wood pile just like your’s… my hubby is obsessed with collecting, chopping and stacking the wood.
    I think he’s thinking just in case we’ll be shoulder deep in snow… we’ll be ready!
    Happy PPF to you


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