playing with colors



I’ve been painting…a lot!



I’m still trying to learn how to paint with water and colors 🙂

Here’s one I did yesterday, ‘dancer’.

I wanted to learn how to leave white white….



Paint Party Friday



dancer watercolor painting by BLOGitse



watercolor brush by BLOGitse


One of my favorite brushes….



Maple tree leaves are playing with light and shadows…


Shadow Shot Sunday2



yellow maple tree leaves by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!



ps. I’ll be busy this weekend –

I’ll visit your blogs on Sunday evening (latest)



22 thoughts on “playing with colors”

  1. Your drawing is just amazing–such a lovely suggestion of movement and whimsey. Your photograph of the yellow trees is incredible. It fills my eyes to the brim.

  2. Well, I think your water and color is beautiful. That’s my favorite medium!
    gorgeous trees…
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess

  3. Love the dancer – the colors suggest motion and form. Your art is very nice, as an artist you see things that we art viewers might not. Which is what we appreciate!

  4. your painting is awesome and i love your paint brush shot. my leaves are mostly on the ground, but lots of beautiful color everywhere still. have a great week ahead!!!


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