what’s this?



I love colors.

I played with orange watercolor, added some black.

When it was dry I started draw lines.

Here it is – a picture without plan, no name.


no name watercolor painting by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday



What would happen if we didn’t have shadows?


notebook shadow by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Have a relaxing weekend!


19 thoughts on “what’s this?”

  1. Heippa,

    I missed your great photos but I had loads to do, that my blogging is in hibernation.

    Hope everything will goes find in couple of months and pls. keep your fingers X for me.

    Hugs from D´Box.

  2. The painting is great fun – and life without shadows would be a life without form – it would be kinda flat. Not to mention the lack of light would make things pretty boring. M.x


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