learning is fun!



This week I’ve been sketching,

something every day,

I want to learn more…


I love this book!


urban watercolor sketching book by BLOGitse


Urban Watercolor Sketching by

Felix Scheinberger



I want to learn how to draw…rough and wild –

I’m controlling too much,

I need to loosen up!



sketching, jeans, watercolor by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday



 This shot of a curtain is for a new challenge for me


Geometric Friday


# 10



geometric curtain by BLOGitse



This is my last shot for


Shadow Shot Sunday2 challenge.


two spray bottles by BLOGitse




I’m frustrated with Blogspot bloggers

who don’t have

name/URL option to leave a comment.


I can’t change others,

I need to change.


I want to mingle with other


leave lots of comments,

be active.

But I don’t want to waste my time anymore.


I’m sorry.


Change to WordPress! 🙂



27 thoughts on “learning is fun!”

  1. Hi, I did a little questionnaire on my (Blogger)-blog last week, because I don’t have the name/url-option on my blog. There’s a good reason for this, since I have to open up the comments to anonymous users if I also want to add the name/url-option. And if I do that, I get spam-comments all the time. The only way around this is to ask the people who want to comment for word-verification. So I asked them whether they prefer to comment as registered users, or use the word verification so that they don’t need to be a registered user (and no, registered users is not only google-accounts). The majority of people hate word verification and much prefer to comment as registered users. So I’ll leave it as it is. It’s a pity some people cannot comment, but I must say that I often have a hard time commenting on Wordpress-blogs. So I guess it works both ways. Lovely loose sketch by the way 🙂

  2. I love the macro of your curtain. A very good image for Geometric Friday. I wonder if I would have ever notices the woven curtain made squarish shapes.

    Sorry I’m so late at getting to comments. Life keeps interfering with my fun.

    My Geometric Friday for last week can be found here: http://proartz.blogspot.com/2014/11/geometric-friday-111414-pittsburgh.html

    I’m frustrated with blogspot because when I write a comment and then want to correct it, I click where I want to put my cursor and it jumps me to the top of the page. It might do that 5 or 6 times before I can finally get a cursor —not where I want it, of course —put then I can use arrows to get to the right place in the text. Very frustrating.

  3. Great spray bottle shadow and water colour. I can understand your frustration. I find visiting blogger and trying to do anything so frustrating as you often can’t comment, no likes. Me I started with WP and love it. So easy to communicate I’m sure you’ll become like your watercolour loosened up and unconstrained.

  4. That book looks like so much fun! I love to get as loose as I can but sometimes it is hard. I have been experimenting with alchohol inks which is very liberating. Your sketch is fun and fresh! Happy PPF

  5. I hope you will continue to post – I like your artistry and the views we get from beautiful Helsinki, always a Saturday treat for me! Art should not be so structured, so your watercolors are not static but have the look of life that is always so nice!

    Nice shadow of the spray bottle – normal household items look much better in shadow!

  6. I like the way the curtain not only is geometric, but suggests form – looks great in black and white too! Thanks for joining in on Geometric Friday:)
    I also very much like your drawing…. lots of expressive line and colour! Certainly freed up:)

  7. I came over from Geometric Friday, but I love all of your posts. My mother used watercolors in her art work but I have never tackled it as an adult … it is on my bucket list. In fact I had already arranged to take a class then I stuck my finger in the hedge trimmer and that plan has been delayed for 6 to 8 weeks … but I am with you, rough and wild. Can’t wait to see where it takes you. As for your curtain … very geometric, but my first thought was that I wouldn’t want to be behind it thinking I wasn’t going to be seen 🙂 Great post … lots of fun!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. Your book looks very inspiring! I also agree with you about Blogger. I want to move my blog to my own website and I am trying to figure out how. Wordpress may be a good idea too. You got me thinking, Thank you! Happy PPF! Rasz #67

  9. Watercolors are harder than some people think and I like your piece. It seems free and flowing! My biggest problem in all mediums is trying to be loose and relaxed!
    thanks for you nice comment!

  10. Wonderful sketch!! I have an url I think…don’t I?. Let me know if you are able to comment!! I think you are! I can’t comment on google plus people!! I despise that thing!

    Hugs Giggles


    If you want me to visit your blog and leave a comment check that you have name/URL option to leave a comment, thank you!


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