paint and geometric 21.11.14



It’s Friday!


Paint Party Friday


I gave this garlic painting to my Italian friend…


garlic by BLOGitse



garlic, close-up by BLOGitse



Geometric Friday


Geometric Friday 'light' by BLOGitse


reflection of a lamp light





Have a relaxing weekend!



17 thoughts on “paint and geometric 21.11.14”

  1. Your work is so expressive…love the spontaneous, flowing line and brush work. And your Geometric image is so subtle but also magical…beautiful. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Good morning Itse,
    This is Ozge B. from Turkey. Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved your drawings. Watercolor is a hard technique which yields beautiful results. Your sketches are very expressive. My mom works in watercolors. Last year she was studying on portraits. This year she feels more confident and had moved onto urbanscapes and landscapes. I am an architect myself but take huge joy in art/ mess making 🙂 I believe the more we draw and paint the better we will get. Besides it is a free theraphy for all of us. Have a nice weekend…


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