orange memory and Italian mozzarella


Right now this is only a memory

but we need COLORS this time of the year, right?!


orange maple tree by BLOGitse


Mandarin Orange Monday



The dog doesn’t know the difference between
Saturday, Sunday and Monday,
so I have to walk the dog early those days too.

Donna Shalala



😆 I don’t have a dog! 😆



Have you tasted Italian mozzarella like this?

oooh, it was so yummy!!!



Italian mozzarella by BLOGitse


P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday



Have a colorful week!



12 thoughts on “orange memory and Italian mozzarella”

  1. Hi…fancy us visiting each other’s country! Perhaps we could meet up for coffee in Sydney. We haven’t booked our trip yet… but will be doing so in the next few weeks.. I will let you know:)

  2. Those colours and shapes make a beautiful image. We never really have autumn like that here…just a few planted trees here and there. I like the almost transparent effect of the the top right one. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Beautiful colors of Fall -here in California the colors are just beginning to look like this:) Since we were in Italy a few years ago, we ate a lot of mozarella and proscuitto – now, I have this most of the time on my bagel at lunch:) Thanks for your comment on my blog last week!

  4. lol, that is a very orange tree. 🙂

    re your comment on Bildverkstan: If you visits any other blogs of mine You shall look for a link “Comment form for visitors outside GOOGLE” it goes to another of my blogs spammers have not yet found. It is also open and I will recieve a mail that tells me you have made a comment. 🙂

    • hi, thanks for the comment testing the link. Yea, it is weird but I created it because people from wordpress could not access the comments in my blogs.

      The main problem is spammers, advertisers and GOOGLE+. GOOGLE wants to take over everything and there are now blogs that only had GOOGLE+ logins. I refuse to use GOOGLE+ as I never asked to have it and I can´t/don´t want to respond as google+. At least the word verification system is not as bad as it was earlier. Maybe I´ll try that one.

  5. Ohh, the orange of the autumn is so beautiful! I also love it and i’m now searching a lot of clothes that give us autumn pattern 😉 I have a dog and yes, for him the days are the same and they usually start at 07:00 in the morning, sometimes even earlier 🙂 Is it salty mozzarella?


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