back at home in Helsinki (Finland)


Hi everyone!


I’m back at home,

it’s good to sleep in my own bed again 🙂

The weather in Helskinki has been okay,

no snow, no ice – yet.

I’ve even seen some sunshine, jihuuuu!


In Málaga I photographed trees…


trees in Malaga Spain by BLOGitse


Look how geometric they are 🙂


palm trees in Malaga Spain by BLOGitse


Geometric Friday



I tried to sketch a palm tree,

with ink and water…

Here’s a detail…


detail of palm tree ink and water by BLOGitse


This is how it looks….

somehow I like this,

what do you think? Is black and white boring?


palm tree ink and water by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday



Have a relaxing weekend!


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13 thoughts on “back at home in Helsinki (Finland)”

  1. There certainly are geometrics in all of nature and the palm trees are a beautiful example. I love your drawing as well. I probably prefer just the trunk because along with seeing it as a trunk, I can see many smiling faces in it. I love art that allows the observer to interpret from their own imagination. Thanks for stopping by my blog …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I like the tree trunk —you caught the essence of the texture well.

    When I saw the small icon on Geometric Friday, I thought it was a tall, cylindrical glass vase, so was pleasantly surprised to see it was a painting.

    Black and white can be dramatic. Without color, we are more likely to look at shapes and lines without regard to color.

    As an artist, I tend to work with color more than B&W, but on some images B&W looks better than color.

  3. It’s always good to be back home. I don’t think the black and white palm tree is boring at all- I love it!! Best wishes for a happy holiday, and happy PPF too!


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