mom – it’s orange #129


Blogging from holiday is…not the same as from home,

from own desk, own stuff around…

but somethings are the same….


First version for


MoM – Mandarin Orange Monday


MoM #129 by BLOGitse - vers 1



second version


MoM #129 by BLOGitse - vers 2



and original


MoM #129 by BLOGitse original


Sunflower on Marimekko table cloth made vivid combination.



Have a good week ahead!





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6 thoughts on “mom – it’s orange #129”

  1. I had sunflowers on my table last week! You must have known;) I would just love to have that tablecloth too. My favourite image is no.2. How is the beach ?

  2. Quite the progression and lots of orange beauty. I love sunflowers and the tablecloth is perfect with it … The art is wonderful … don’t know how you arrived at it, but it sucks me in and smothers me with the orange, what fun! Very nice and do enjoy your holiday.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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