weekend #12 – from Sydney 3


It’s our last weekend in Sydney!


Sigh, but we’ve had a great holiday!


I apologize not visiting your blogs –


we’ve been most of the time outside and


when in we’ve been sleeping! 🙂



Next weekend I’ll visit your blogs, I promise!!!



This amazing tree is perfect for


Geometric Friday



geometrical tree in Sydney by BLOGitse




I got an idea for


Paint Party Friday


painting from this Sydney city shot…


idea for my left hand sketching in Sydney by BLOGitse


old, new, modern, retro next to each other…



Some watercolor on a plate…


first  step for sketching by BLOGitse



a few drops of water…


mixed watercolors by BLOGitse


Left hand marker pen drawing

and mixed watercolors…


a piece of modern art! 🙂



left hand sketching by BLOGitse



That was fun to do!



We are not good beer drinkers

but I like Aussie tags/labels…


Aussie beer by BLOGitse


I shot these trough the store window…


Aussie beer tags by BLOGitse



Aussie beer tags 2 by BLOGitse



Aussie beer tags 3 by BLOGitse



Wine bottles have also funny and creative tags/labels…


This kind of fun we should have in Finland too!!!



Have a relaxing weekend!



I’ll be busy rest of the holiday,

so I’ll visit your blogs next week!



6 thoughts on “weekend #12 – from Sydney 3”

  1. I certainly do recognise that tree…you must have taken lots of photos there…I can never resist. And aren’t the birds beautiful early in the morning?

  2. Voi ei, älkää palatko takaisin, jopa Hkiin on luvattu lunta ja kylmenevää, viimeiset kaksi viikkoa lämpötila on huidellut plus kympissä, nyt saa kaivaa taas paksumpaa ylle 🙁

    Ihana tuo sitinäkymä, jonka olet maalannut, tykkään tuollaisesta lennokkaasta työskentelystä.

    Kiasmassa on avautunut Robert Mapplethopren näyttely, suosittelen.


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