mom – it’s orange #133 – from Sydney 3


This is my last


Mandarin Orange Monday


post from Sydney…


Next time I’ll post from home


Helsinki, Finland again…





This is the mystery shot…..


MoM #133 mystery by BLOGitse





this original


‘a plate full of mixed watercolors’


seen here at the weekend.



mixed watercolors by BLOGitse



Have a good week everyone!



Because I’m busy rest of the holiday in Sydney,


I’ll visit your blogs at the end of the week when back at home!


4 thoughts on “mom – it’s orange #133 – from Sydney 3”

  1. Nautinnollisia viimeisiä päiviä Sydneyn syksyssä! Taiteeseen etelämantereen vaikutus on alkanut ilmaantua mukavina sävyinä ja muotoina.

    Turvallista kotimatkaa!


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