weekend #22 – an artist from Kainuu


but first my entry for


Paint Party Friday


no name, acrylic



acrylic no name painting by BLOGitse





details of no name painting by BLOGitse



I bought a painting (similar as below) from an artist who’s living and working in Kainuu.



From wikipedia:

Kainuu is a region
(maakunta / landskap) of Finland.
It borders the regions of Northern Ostrobothnia, North Karelia
and Northern Savonia. In the east it also borders Russia.
Kainuu is known in the ancient Norse sagas as Kvenland.


In Kainuu sunset is about 11 pm, rise about 3 am!!!


Urho Kähkönen, an artist living and working in Kainuu.

painting by Urho Kähkönen
Urho Kähkönen’s painting



I’d love to learn how not to paint too full, block the whole canvas, to leave space,



Look Urho’s older works here,

this video is a combo of art – paintings and music!





 Have a relaxing weekend!



6 thoughts on “weekend #22 – an artist from Kainuu”

  1. I especially loved your last painting. There’s something magical and calming about it. It seems to be the view a mermaid might have looking up through her coral castle window. 😀

  2. Kauniita lempeilevän värisiä siveltimen vetoja.

    Kiehtovia töitä myös videolla.

    Täytyykin alkaa herättelemään hissukseen abstraktia taiteilua, kunhan kesä reissuamiselta ehdin.

    Mukavia kesäkuun päiviä Sinulle!
    …niin huomennahan vaihtuu kesäksi..:-)

  3. I am not a fan of purple per se- but I must say -your painting is so captivating! Magical painting you bought too-I just want to dive in and see what’s on the other side:)


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