weekend #23 – black and white


my entry for


Paint Party Friday


no name, acrylic



acrylic black and white painting by BLOGitse



two details


b & w acrylic painting detail by BLOGitse


acrylic b & w painting detail by BLOGitse



I had an eye control today. There’s still a tiny, tiny ‘drop’. Hopefully it goes away and


my sight will get totally sharp with time. No glasses needed but good light yes.


Next control is in August.


Some time ago I sketched this very quickly to remember what a saw –

so many bubbles around me…


human bubbles by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!



4 thoughts on “weekend #23 – black and white”

  1. Love the black and white. So calming when I look at it. Glad your eyes are on the way to no glasses. That will be great. Have a happy PPF and a great weekend. Rasz #62

  2. really fantastic composition!!! It reminds me of an abstract view inside an old factory building. Glad your eyes are getting better.


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