weekend #29 – be there!


here’s my entry for


Paint Party Friday


brush sketch by BLOGitse


I try to sketch, just relax and let it go…

Not easy because I’m a control freak but this kind of painting feels really good!





We have thousands of international visitors in Helsinki right now.

On Thursday I was watching on television how joy and happiness

can glue people together – doing the show and watching it on tv.

I felt so good listening ‘be there’ and see people moving and

enjoying! That was (is) COOL!


Thank you  ‘The World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki’

you moved me (too)!





The World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki by BLOGitse



Here’s a link to Finnish performance, art of human beings


Midnight Sun Special ‘The Swan’


 Also visit →  wg2015Helsinki facebook



Have a relaxing weekend!




7 thoughts on “weekend #29 – be there!”

  1. Vieläköhän sitä taipuis… No way! Kyllä ne voimistelijat niin komeasti veti, että sitä jämähti telkkarin eteen monttu auki tuijottamaan 🙂

    Pensselit taiteeksi – ihana idea!

    Mukavaa viikonloppua! Alkoi juuri sateella… ukkosta odotellessa. Ja mun piti laittaa ne mansikat tänään. Huokaus! Huomenna paistaa 🙂


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