weekend #30 – painting outdoors


The other day I painted outdoors,


I found a good, private spot 🙂


Paint Party Friday


‘these shoes are made for walking….’ and painting



shoes for painting by BLOGitse


painted shoes by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!





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10 thoughts on “weekend #30 – painting outdoors”

  1. These are just too much fun! And I bet you will enjoy looking at them in a few years with fond memories of all the places they took you. Happy PPF

  2. Isn’t wonderful when you find the perfect pair of shoes to walk and paint or just have fun in? I love yours. Now, I have to find a pair for me that fits all my needs. That is not always easy. Great painting.

  3. Kengät joissa voi tehdä mitä vain ovat aarteita! Sinun näyttävät todella mukavilta jalkaan ja mikä taideteos niistä syntyikään! Happy walking through the weekend 🙂


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