testing how MacBook pro works…


This is my first post with my new toy…

after pc this feels….unknown.


I don’t know all the buttons, not sure how to find folders etc.

But I like this!

Now I try to find my entry for


Paint Party Friday



shopping trolley watercolor by BLOGitse



woohoo I found it –

mini shopping trolley


here’s the original trolley


mini shopping trolley by BLOGitse



I like real miniature things…



Have a relaxing weekend!



6 thoughts on “testing how MacBook pro works…”

  1. Hieno alku! Olen ‘itse oppinut’ tyyppi ja uskaltanut kokeilla kaikenlaista. Nyt kun ole jo tosi vanha, huomaan etten enää viitsi kaikenlaista uutta tekiikaa yrittää oppia – enkä varmaan oppisikaan enää. Tekniikkakokeilut jäävät nyt tuohon alkeelliseen digeilyyn photoshopissa.
    Viihtyisää viikonloppua ♥

  2. Super painting of the cart!! I know nothing of the mac but some friends who got one after using a pc for years now swear by it. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

  3. Wohoo if i did not see the “real” thing i would never guessed it.The painting is so expressive, i like it.It makes a boring subject much more interesting than its “real” life 🙂 Happy PPF 🙂


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