more abstract ink and watercolor sketching…





Paint Party Friday



abstract detail_1 by BLOGItse



abstract detail_2 by BLOGItse



abstract detail_3 by BLOGItse



abstract detail_4 by BLOGItse



Details are from this sketch (posted earlier this week)

how to survive Nov 2015_28 by BLOGitse



The other day I visited Tallinn, Estonia – just for a day.


I bought some medicine and cosmetics plus some alcohol – cheaper than in Finland…


visiting Tallinn, Estonia for a day by BLOGitse


It was a little bit rough but not too bad, coming back was almost normal…


I shot this abstract mixture of restaurant lights and staircase outside.


mixture of restaurant lights and staircase on a ship by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!



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