black and white 2/2 + faces






Paint Party Friday



black ink abstract by BLOGitse


previous black and white 1/2 post here





snow white by BLOGitse



snowy road_1 by BLOGitse



snowy road_2 by BLOGitse



snowy traffic by BLOGitse



29 faces


February 2016


Here are my entries 1 – 4 of 29:


faces 29 Feb 2016 #1 by BLOGitseface #1



faces 29 Feb 2016 #2 by BLOGitseface #2



faces 29 Feb 2016 #3 by BLOGitseface #3



faces 29 Feb 2016 #4 by BLOGitseface #4


29 faces






17 thoughts on “black and white 2/2 + faces”

  1. Nice to see you here on 29 Faces. I didn’t think to link to PPF too. I know for this weekend. Doesn’t snow and scenery make for the best b&w photos. I have always loved B&W photos, my favorite, and your are awesome! Love them all! Great photography!

    Your faces are cool. They are all different and hard to pick a favorite so far. They have beautiful depth to them. Hugs, Rasz

  2. Voi kun itse tykkään noista lumikuvistasi! Varsinkin ne kaksi tiekuvaa (ei alimmainen, jossa sumuvalot saa olla päällä :)), tykkään ajaa autolla kesät talvet. Kasvokuvasi on hienoja ja erilaisia, ensimmäinen surullinen tyttö on suosikkini.

  3. Love that first piece-there is something very appealing about it to me-and although I tend to love lots of color this is also very soothing. Great variation of faces, an all that snow-oh my- I know just what that looks like in person as you know we had a storm the other week. Stay warm and happy PPF!

  4. Your faces are great! Love the looseness and flow of the lines. We have had a ton of snow here in Baltimore and I am sick of it. But your photos are so pretty and tranquil…maybe you are enjoying the snow
    Happy PPF


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