spring is here!


Yes, spring is here but it’s still cool…


It looked like this on Thursday 31.3.2016  by the sea in Helsinki, Finland



Kompassitori, Helsinki_1 31.3.2016 by BLOGitse



Kompassitori, Helsinki_2 31.3.2016 by BLOGitse



A few days ago I shot these little beauties in our garden



white blossoms by BLOGitse



spring whites by BLOGitse



What are these?

I am NOT a horticulturist, I know nothing about plants, autch.



Tiedätkö mikä näiden kaunokaisten nimi on?



Our Easter time was busy – we changed our bedroom to the garden side and

our ‘office’ to the other side.


I’m still organizing all that stuff…

This is how I felt yesterday 🙂



in the middle of organizing by BLOGitse



Not very dark –  but busy looking strokes! 🙂



A couple of details



detail_1 of watercolor painting by BLOGitse



detail_2 of watercolor painting by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday



 I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blogs but arranging stuff


took all my time and energy.


I promise to visit again asap!!!



Have a relaxing weekend!



10 thoughts on “spring is here!”

  1. Thank you – now I know snowdrop is ‘snowbell’ in Finnish ‘lumikello’. (or snow clock, in Finnish ‘kello’ means bell or clock 🙂

    I’m sad I can’t leave a comment for some bloggers because they don’t have URL/name option to leave a comment. snif. sigh!

    Have a good week ahead!

  2. What fun with color and shapes! The snopdrops must grow all over the world? We have them here in the Northwest of the US, too!
    They give promise of warmer weather to come!!

  3. I love the amazing colors in your beautiful watercolor painting. The flowers are snowdrops, as Valerie says. Apparently they grow all over the globe!

  4. Our day today although warm is looking just like your photo…
    those flowers are snowdrops-the first flowers of spring. Wonderful abstract! You’ve captured your “busy” very well with teh strokes and colors. Happy PPF!


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