watercolor fun


Greetings from summery sunny Finland!


We’ve had amazing weather for a week now…

to do our sauna building renovation! 🙂

It’s been noisy and dusty – that part mainly done. good.


The other day I played with thin paper…

first loosely wrinkled, added watercolors…


watercolor fun_1 by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday



wrinkeled, crinkled and crumpled 🙂


it became like a…what?


watercolor fun_2 by BLOGitse





Haven’t had time to sew this week (guests, renovation…) but

I had time to do first of six


Theme art May 2016 challenge: ‘flower/flowers’
Toukokuun teemataide ‘kukka/kukkia’



Ensimmäinen kukka teemataiteeseen.


Muste ja vesiväri.



teemataide theme art May 2016 kukka flower _1 by BLOGitse





Have a relaxing weekend!



9 thoughts on “watercolor fun”

  1. Hello fellow Aquarian, (hehe)
    The crinkled paper certainly makes interesting artwork and I love the flower. I’m also glad that the temperature has started to rise at last. It’s certainly time. Good luck with all the work at your place. I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.
    Have a relaxing weekend too… you’ll need it by the sounds of it!
    Happy PPF to you

  2. What interesting paper! And what you have done with it is so exciting. It looks three dimensional. Lovely flower too.
    Wishing you another creative week ahead.

  3. fabulous projects-love both the crumpled , painted papers and that super flower! Good luck with the renovations, before long you’ll be able to enjoy and relax:)

  4. Your crinkly paper looks great. I am wondering if you used rice paper like I did or if it was deli wrap paper. I will have to try this method.


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