again, ahchoo!


Sorry but we’ve had terrible…achoo! virus…aaaahchoo!


Hubby had fever, my biggest problem has been pain in head,

felt like a heavy balloon…


Somebody said it’s B virus…

I feel better now but not totally ‘normal’….hopefully totally recovered soooon!


How do YOU feel, everything okay?



Just two ink & watercolor paintings this weekend.



Theme art May 2016 challenge: ‘flower/flowers’


Toukokuun teemataide ‘kukka/kukkia’



teemataide theme art May 2016 kukkia flowers _2 by BLOGitse






previous flower #1/6 here



ensimmäinen kukka on täällä



teemataide theme art May 2016 kukkia flowers _3 by BLOGitse






Paint Party Friday



Have a relaxing weekend!



5 thoughts on “aaaahchoo!”

  1. Oh what a shame that you’ve all been suffering. I hope you are feeling well soon. I had a virus a few weeks back that was really nasty, but thankfully it’s disappeared now.
    Your blooms are beautiful… that first one reminds me of my Sunday photo of a Clematis.
    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF to you

  2. No voi, harmi kuulla, että olette olleet kipeitä, varmaan remontissa on siis ollut tauko? Toivottavasti…lepo on tärkeää.
    Sinua ei siis nähdä tänä iltana (olethan lukenut meilini?).

    Kukkien parantavaa voimaa!


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