croquis drawing with charcoal



First set was one minute drawings.

It’s been loooong time I’ve done this.

First minutes were hard…


croquis 1 minute collage by BLOGitse



croquis 1min_4 by Blogitse


It’s been a while I’ve played with charcoal so the medium took some time

to warm up….


Here are two minutes drawings


croquis 2 minute collage by BLOGitse



croquis 2 minute collage by BLOGitse


You can see she’s sitting, right? 🙂

Five minutes was too hard this time….

I did it but it became total mess but was good practise.


If you want to try croquis

check this






Paint Party Friday




Have a relaxing weekend!



ps. aaachoooo has gone, we both feel ‘normal’ again…



11 thoughts on “croquis drawing with charcoal”

  1. Nice that you feel normal again! How does it feel 😉 It’s been such a long time since I felt like that.
    If ever 😀

    Your lines are beautiful, I admire this kind of work, I could never create anything like this.


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