fountain pen sketches

Oooh what a week!


Men come and go,

we move things from here to there and back…

Sauna building is now…half done, but still lot to do.

I sanded and painted two old stools – now they are ready.


ready sanded and painted old stool by BLOGitse



detail of ready sanded and painted old stool by BLOGitse



check here how this looked last week


I had dentist visit today…she found a hole under a crown.

Either roots will be ok with crown if not that tooth is gone forever…

But I have still a couple of teeth left, no problem! 🙂


I haven’t had time to paint/draw anything ‘big’

but here are a couple of fountain pen sketches I’ve done.


Paint Party Friday


fountain pen sketches heads by BLOGitse



fountain pen sketches postures by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!



7 thoughts on “fountain pen sketches”

  1. Something is better than nothing and you have a good start there!! I’m glad you posted what you did because there are those weeks when it’s not easy to finish anything! Keep on!

  2. I like the fluid motion I see in the pen sketches. Good luck on the tooth. I had a root canal surgery this year already and several more teeth are feeling sensitive.


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